About Us

Welcome to EpicCardHub, your ultimate destination for everything related to trading card games. Founded by Kyle Handy, a card game enthusiast since the 90s, our aim is to create a vibrant community for both new and seasoned collectors, players, and traders of card games.

Kyle’s passion for collectible card games, primarily Pokémon and Magic The Gathering, has been a lifelong journey. It’s a journey he now shares with his two adorable assistants, Addison (9) and Christian (7), who not only share their dad’s love for the hobby but also help run the business. Joined by their trusty canine companion, Bear the boxer, and the PokeMOM herself, Krissi, this card-loving family enjoys traveling in their RV, attending card conventions, events, and eagerly watching pack openings.

EpicCardHub was born out of the desire to help fellow enthusiasts navigate the fascinating world of collecting, investing, playing, and trading cards. We operate an online store through TCGPlayer and eBay, providing an extensive selection of cards for your gaming and collecting needs. Eventually, we hope to expand our community outreach through live openings on platforms like YouTube and Whatnot.

In addition to fostering this trading card community, Kyle is also a seasoned real estate agent based in Texas. He uses his YouTube channel, Kyle Handy, to teach and train other real estate agents, blending his love for teaching and his expertise in real estate.

Do you have a Magic or Pokémon card collection you’d like to sell? We’re always on the lookout to buy collections. If you’re interested, head over to the “Sell Us Your Collection” page to get started.

At EpicCardHub, we’re more than just a card game website – we’re a community, a family, united by our love for trading card games. Join us as we continue to explore, collect, and play in this exciting world of cards. Welcome to the family!