Best Pokemon Card Packs to Buy: Top Choices for Collectors and Players

In recent years, the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) has grown in popularity, drawing in new players and nostalgic collectors alike. With various expansions and booster packs available, navigating the world of Pokémon cards can be overwhelming for those looking to invest in the best card packs. By watching popular sets and sought-after cards, enthusiasts can make informed decisions when purchasing card packs in 2023.

One of the most anticipated releases for Pokémon TCG fans is the Scarlet & Violet Series, taking the card game into a new era. This base set is expected to bring fresh excitement and valuable cards to collectors’ decks. In addition to this groundbreaking set, other popular card packs, such as Astral Radiance, may appeal to players looking for a mix of modern and nostalgic options.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector, it’s essential to consider each pack’s contents and the potential for obtaining rare and powerful Pokémon cards. By focusing on sought-after sets and watching upcoming releases, enthusiasts can make the most of their Pokémon TCG investments and enjoy the thrill of expanding their collections.

Best Modern Pokemon Card Packs

Sword and Shield Series

The Sword and Shield series features a wide range of Pokemon from the Galar region, including Zacian V-Star, Zamazenta V-Star, Gigantamax Hattarene V-Max, and Mewtwo V-Star. The Scarlet and Violet base set is a must-have for collectors since it introduces a new era in the Pokémon TCG with its visually impressive cards and exhilarating mechanics.

Some popular booster packs in this series to consider are:

  • Evolving Skies
  • Brilliant Stars
  • Celebrations
  • Crown Zenith

Sun and Moon Series

In the Sun and Moon series, collectors can find many exciting cards, such as the highly sought-after Arceus, Jolteon, Reshiram, and Kyogre. The series includes various GX cards, such as Lucario and Melmetal-GX, Pheromosa and Buzzwole-GX, and the iconic Reshiram and Charizard-GX.

Notable booster packs within this series encompass:

  • Cosmic Eclipse
  • Hidden Fates
  • Team Up
  • Lost Thunder

XY Series

The XY series offers an array of classic Pokemon like Pikachu and Mew and formidable EX cards that can give any player a competitive edge. The series includes energy cards crucial for gameplay and engaging full art and rainbow cards highly valued among collectors.

Some noteworthy booster packs in the XY series to purchase are:

  • Roaring Skies
  • Ancient Origins
  • Generations
  • FlashFire

In summary, each series of Pokemon card packs offers something different for collectors and players alike. Carefully selecting and purchasing booster packs from these series will help enhance one’s collection and improve their Pokémon TCG experience.

Best Vintage Pokemon Card Packs

Base Set (Unlimited ~$432, 1st Edition $3,000 – $10,000 Depending on Weight)

Released in 1999, the Base Set is the first and most iconic Pokémon TCG expansion. It laid the foundation for future expansions and helped establish Pokémon TCG as a popular game. This set contains 102 cards, including the highly sought-after Base Set Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur.

The Base Set introduced the world to the game’s mechanics, such as energy cards, trainer cards, and Pokémon battles. Many collectors have a strong nostalgia for this set, making it an ideal starting point for those looking to relive the early days of Pokémon TCG.

Team Rocket (~$197)

Released in 2000, the Team Rocket expansion is the seventh expansion of the Pokémon TCG and consists of 83 cards. The set’s theme revolves around the notorious Team Rocket organization from the video games and anime, featuring unique “Dark” Pokémon and cards representing iconic villains like Jessie, James, and Giovanni.

This set’s dark and edgy artwork sets it apart from others, making it popular among collectors who appreciate the thematic focus and distinctive cards. Team Rocket also introduced secret rare cards, the first being the highly sought-after Dark Raichu. The set came in 1st Edition and Unlimited print runs, with certain cards being more valuable due to their rarity or unique attributes.

Neo Destiny (~$478)

Collecting Neo Destiny Pokémon card packs offers franchise fans a nostalgic and rewarding experience. Released in 2002, this set introduced the iconic “Shining” cards, featuring popular Pokémon like Charizard, Tyranitar, Celebi, and Mewtwo.

These rare cards boast a unique holographic treatment and are highly sought-after by collectors. As the fourth and final installment in the Neo series, Neo Destiny packs hold a special place in the Pokémon TCG history, making them a must-have for enthusiasts.

Notable Mention Pokemon Card Packs

  • Expedition (~$469)
  • Neo Genesis (~$216)
  • Gym Heroes (~$166)
  • Shining Legends (~$29)
  • Legendary Collection (~$898)
  • Call of Legends (~$273)
  • Evolving Skies (~$7)
  • Aquapolis (~$470)
  • Dragon Frontiers (~$348)
  • VMAX Climax (~$8)
  • Platinum Arceus (~$100)

All prices are estimated as of April 2023.

Buying Guide and Considerations

When buying the best Pokémon card packs, several factors must be considered. This buying guide will discuss the importance of factory-sealed packs, value and rarity, and starting a collection.

Factory Sealed Packs

One of the most important factors when purchasing Pokémon card packs is ensuring they are factory sealed. Factory-sealed packs guarantee the authenticity and quality of the cards within and the likelihood of obtaining valuable cards. A sealed booster box containing multiple packs is a popular option among collectors. It tends to be more cost-effective and increases the odds of finding rare and valuable cards.

Value and Rarity

Pokémon card packs may differ in value and rarity, both within the set itself and among various sets. Researching the most valuable cards and their corresponding sets is vital to determine which packs are worth buying. Keep in mind that the rarity of certain cards often depends on factors such as:

  • Card abilities and attacks
  • Card artwork and design
  • Overall popularity and demand

Understanding these aspects can help guide purchasing decisions and may lead to valuable discoveries within newly released sets.

Different Pack Arts

Collecting different Pokémon card pack arts is an engaging and enjoyable hobby for many enthusiasts. While some collectors focus on acquiring rare and valuable cards, others find satisfaction in collecting booster pack art sets, appreciating the beautiful and unique illustrations that adorn each pack. Beginning a collection may seem daunting, but it can be as simple as starting with the latest releases and gradually expanding to include older packs.

Sleeved booster packs are particularly popular among collectors, as the larger artwork is more striking and feels more substantial to hold. Some collectors may even focus on just one pack of art from each set, given the number of sets and variations available. Storage options can vary, with some opting to use empty Elite Trainer Boxes, resealable bags, and card savers to keep their collections safe and organized.

It’s worth noting that the inner pack art may not always match the art on the sleeve. Collecting pack art can be a fun and visually appealing way to connect with the Pokémon Trading Card Game and showcase one’s passion for the franchise.

Starting a Collection

Embarking on collecting unopened sealed Pokémon card packs can be a thrilling and gratifying experience. Sealed packs preserve the mystery and excitement of discovering the cards within, providing the opportunity to uncover rare and valuable treasures in their pristine condition. As a collector, establishing a clear objective for your collection is essential, whether targeting specific sets, chasing high-value cards, or simply admiring the captivating artwork and design.

Research the various Pokémon card sets and their respective highlights to make well-informed decisions. Modern sets, such as Sword and Shield or Sun and Moon series, boast powerful Pokémon cards with striking visuals. In contrast, vintage sets like the Base Set or Team Rocket expansion kindle a sense of nostalgia and illustrate the game’s storied past.

Investing in unopened sealed packs can also serve as a long-term financial venture, as older or rarer sets may appreciate in value over time. By being deliberate and patient with your acquisitions, you can cultivate a collection that brings personal enjoyment and allows you to delve into the captivating universe of Pokémon cards.


In conclusion, the Pokémon Trading Card Game continues to captivate new and experienced players and collectors, offering a vast array of card sets and special features to explore. For those looking to invest in the best Pokémon card packs, it’s essential to consider each set’s unique offerings and potential for valuable and rare cards.

By staying informed about popular sets and sought-after cards, enthusiasts can make the most of their investments and enjoy the thrill of expanding their collections. Whether delving into the modern Sword and Shield or Sun and Moon series or seeking the nostalgia of the vintage Base Set or Team Rocket expansions, there are countless opportunities for collectors to find the perfect card packs to meet their interests and goals.

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